The management of LADIS falls in IVZ under the Care Data Management department.


At LADIS, several people are involved, each with a specific area of attention:

  • retrieval of data, contacts with the facilities' application managers;
  • contacts with suppliers;
  • QA of the files provided;
  • processing and database management;
  • analyses and output;
  • ad-hoc queries and creation of reports;
  • European contacts and file delivery.


Within the framework of privacy protection, IVZ works closely with ZorgTTP. It acts as a Trusted Third Party within the established LADIS chain of pseudonymisation. In addition, there is extensive collaboration with the Trimbos Institute in the field of information exchange. In particular, this concerns the National Drug Monitor.


The LADIS database consists exclusively of anonymous information. Privacy-sensitive data is made anonymous at the source, i.e., at each facility. Clients' details can be followed over the years. The use of a number of pseudonyms for unique client characteristics makes this possible. The pseudonyms are no longer traceable to the person.