About IVZ

The Foundation for the Provision of Care Information (IVZ - Stichting Informatievoorziening Zorg) has as its mission: "providing solutions in the areas of information and data exchange within health care, welfare and social services."


Traditionally, IVZ has operated in the field of mental health care. IVZ thus plays a central part in addiction care's provision of national administrative information. Mainly from its experience in this field, IVZ has developed several solutions. IVZ is committed to the safe and responsible exchange, management, storage and disclosure of confidential information. These are applicable in the entire range of care and social services provision.


Within the IVZ portfolio, two main activities can be distinguished:

  • data control and data management
  • data security, privacy protection and routing.


IVZ solutions are innovative. They fit among innovative activities in the field of health care information management and control. In this regard, the "supply chain" in which the care is offered determines the way in which information is integrated, shared and managed.