Addiction care


Since the mid-1980s, IVZ, with the National Alcohol & Drug Information System (LADIS), has played a prominent role in the national provision of information about addiction care. This role was strengthened and extended further by the recent commissioning of the National Board for Substance Registration (Landelijke Centrale Middelen Registratie - LCMR).


By developing and managing these information systems, IVZ also has gained extensive knowledge and experience in collecting data, analysing the data and transforming this into high-value, objective information. This information is available to both practitioners and to policy makers in the areas of addiction care and related fields (inc. Justice) where care for addicts plays an important role. For further information about our information-management product portfolio, please go to the Additional services section on this website.



Through LADIS, governments and institutions are provided with information on developments and trends within the field of addiction care. This information is published through both the Internet and through various publications (e.g. bulletins and key figures). Moreover, the information from LADIS is an important resource for various national (NDM, Focal Point) and international systems (EMCCDA) in the field of addiction issues.