Medical Audits



In addition to the management of mental health service systems, IVZ also wishes to provide service to those healthcare professionals concerned with the quality of care. A growing group of experts is convinced that it is useful to capture data. In this, they contribute to the emergence of information about their profession. Indicators can be developed based on this information. Ultimately, this leads to an improvement in the quality of care.



IVZ provides the following services, among others:

  • project management
  • service desk with substantive and technical support
  • facilitating on-line information-mirroring (with a number of degrees of freedom)
  • establishment and maintenance of a national database
  • communication with the software industry on links, export formats, etc.
  • ad hoc information delivery
  • realisation and management of a web application / SaaS
  • statistical support for publications (inc. with a group of scientists closely involved in the audits).



Protecting client or patient privacy is important. For this reason, IVZ has knowledge available for setting up a process of pseudonymisation / anonymisation. This means that privacy-sensitive details never leaves the source. They are included in the database strictly as a pseudonym. In this way, one can follow the person in time or in different domains. This happens without one's knowing exactly who the person is. For more information about privacy please contact ZorgTTP.