Privacy protection


Personal information is sensitive information. This is particularly true for an individual's medical data. It is therefore necessary to make clear agreements about who may approach this data. Generally speaking, only those people directly involved in the treatment process may do so. In addition, medical data from various fields may contribute. Consider the audit process, for example, or research and the improvement of care quality.


For these reasons, too, data must essentially be stripped of every form of technical familiarity. Nor may the data ever be traceable to the individual by name.


To prevent this, IVZ has been active for years in the field of privacy protection. IVZ is constantly working to improve and expand privacy protection. IVZ focuses on clients in care whose data is registered in national data systems. Data can make a significant contribution to the testing and improvement of the quality of care processes. This can occur only if the right conditions are met. To this end, IVZ founded TTP Infos in 2005. The first step was made toward better security in terms of the exchange of sensitive data.


In 2007, ZorgTTP was privatised. ZorgTTP applies pseudonyms to people in a "care chain." In large parts of the field of care, it now operates as the intermediary in large data exchanges. Examples include DBC/DIS, Palga, LADIS and LCMR. IVZ assists clients in shaping their "chain of trust" and in properly dealing with the exchange of sensitive information within legal frameworks.